Getting Candified


Pour some sugar on me

Let it sink deep
into raw and open pores
to seep into my inner cores

Let it gently melt
down my sinews and bones
to trickle into cellular holes

Let some sweet balm calm
the treacheries that pulsate
the heart, memories that ache

Let it gulp all the bitterness
that’s gnawing my goodness
now soften the stiffened starch

Come! Caramalize my soul
make a pudding of me
Let me consume the sweeter me.

Pour some sugar on me


© 2015 Alka Girdhar, All Rights Reserved


In response to the Daily Prompt: Pour Some Sugar on Me
What is your favorite sweet thing to eat?

Too many sweet recipes in my mind. That later. For now, this poem seemed to be an easy response.
‘Me’ in any of my works is not necessarily me. It’s anyone of us.



11 thoughts on “Getting Candified

  1. This was such a sweet little poem about sugar. My favourite line was, “Caramalize my soul
    Make a pudding of me” 😀 I thought about two things while reading your poem. First, I thought about sugar, literally, the white sweet crystal cubes. When they touch our tongue and start to seep into the depths of our being and soul, often we crave for more. It can be addictive.

    Secondly, I thought about sugar and all things sweet in terms of good experiences and memories. How we feel all warm and fuzzy when we chance upon those moments. A good memory or thought can lift us and make us refocus again, make us feel hope once again. Make us feel alive again, sort of like when we eat sweet stuff that gives us that sugar rush 😀

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    • Thanks for liking this impulsive poem. Caramelizing and making a sweet pudding ripens this newly achieved sweetness till it becomes an integral part of it.
      Yes, it is how you analysed, being sugared at a physical as well as emotional level. The physical process of getting sugared as in crystals touching the tongue and getting absorbed is quite like what I wrote. I was imagining the body absorbing the sprinkled sugar as it melts and reaches the innermost cells.

      Good memories are as sweet as sugar. So true! Here I was visualizing a human nature gone so bitter that his/her basic goodness is lost, and there is stiffness due to life’s deceitful experiences hence memories also give pain. But if some sugary sweet balm can touch and heal such a person’s heart, maybe there is hope. Thus…pouring sugar on this person will make him/her into a pudding that they themselves can devour for their own good 🙂
      See how my mind works…

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      • Sugar and sweet can certainly calm us down. Then again, as we all know, too much of a good thing isn’t that good for us. Too much of a good thing, too much of love and kindness can be smothering. Too many good memories, we risk daydreaming days on end. Everything in moderation 😉

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        • Such sweet and wise suggestions from Mabel 🙂
          Extending it further…Too much sugar can make us sick. Giving too much love can make people run away from us…even children become allergic to their parents. And true that if too many good things have happened in the past, it leaves us day dreaming to an extent of becoming inactive in our present life and careless about our future. So? Moderation!!!

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  2. Profoundly sweet as well as subtly sour! Your words are carrying two messages Alka and you have explained them so well!
    ‘treacheries that pulsate’ speak volumes and ‘gulping bitterness’ is so uplifting…only if we try to gulp, which is so challenging!
    I am so glad how your poetry has been unfolding itself…growing slowly and touching the right chords. Thank you for sharing such wonderful thoughts!

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    • Poetry that’s sweet and sour like life itself. I was going to write ‘treacheries that agitate’ but then it’s the same. If we are unable to gulp our bitterness then possibly this sugar that’s being poured on us can gulp it away.
      Many thanks for liking my poems! Some dark poetry this, maybe not for everyone, but I let it come the way it does.

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