She Could Fly No More

Flightless Bird

Flightless Bird
A short story


“I’ve got the best bird around town”, he bragged as his friends felt envious of him. After all, the guy-gang had spent years outside women’s college, hunting for good chicks. Only he had been lucky.

His bird had shiny eyes, spring in her steps and golden wings that took elegant ambitious flights that left him enraptured, till he captured her and kept her solely for himself.

Soon this bird, with the sweetest voice ever, forgot to sing. Her beauty lost its lustre, for she did not eat much and lost her sleep. She walked around a little but flights she took no more.

One day he came back home with his friend and saw her lying sprawled on the floor, her tattered feathers scattered all around her.

It so happened that out of sheer curiosity to know if she could still fly or not, the bird had dared to climb atop the roof, hesitatingly spread her nervous jammed wings, only to fall down trembling. And lifeless.

As he stood looking at her, his friend remarked, “Mate! I had warned you. That’s what happens when you get such a high flying bird.”

I’ll be careful next time”, he replied curtly

~~~ ~~~

My story was inspired by the picture prompt provided by Luther Siler for Friday Fictioneers.


11 thoughts on “She Could Fly No More

    • Hi Rochelle,

      Thank you for the welcome! Yes, it is about a human bird in captivity, quite like a trophy wife or a girl-friend who’s more of a possession.
      It seems like my story’s message is ambiguous.



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  1. The story is very much clear Alka. The moment I looked at the bird, I could sense the symbolism…why would a bird lie on a modern floor, in a house near an artificial tree and a round table? The signals beckon the thoughts and you have done a marvellous job of conveying the captivity, the loneliness and the urge to break free.
    Thanks for putting so many emotions within few words. 🙂 stay inspired!

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    • Actually, it’s a big bird kind of toy and there can be many reasons for a broken toy to be lying like this. But you understood what I was trying to convey…the essential loss of one’s real self when a life is controlled by others. A bird forgetting to fly is akin to a woman forgetting even her basic skills that were the very reason why her man liked her…and a time comes when she loses confidence in something that was her area of expertise. A harsh story…:) that doesn’t apply to a modern woman. Thanks Balroop for appreciating my work! I will keep trying 🙂

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