With Confident Steps…


With Confident Steps

Mom tells me fondly how, when I was little, I used to ascend the long stair-case that reached our home terrace.

“Barely ten months old, you would crawl up the stairs…all on your hands and knees with amazing speed. Half-way through, you would look back to check if mom was looking or not!”

Mom also tells that she was always scared, and she tried to stop me as I climbed but I would increase my speed while enjoying her chase.

Now too I have already climbed up a few steps, mom! This time, I’m not going to look back! For me, it is this path or no path!!  I know my goals. I know where I am going. I can already see some light beyond the horizon.

As I climb more stairs, you’ll be proud of me mom!  Once I reach the top, once I become a renowned ******, I’ll look back and wave at you…

©2016 Alka

~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~

That was my flash fiction/micro-story for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.
The prompt photo was by Louise of The Storyteller’s Abode.

Ever curious and enthusiastic babies grow up to have their own unique dreams, and they need to be given a chance. You can fill in the asterisks above 🙂 as per your unique child’s interests.

20 thoughts on “With Confident Steps…

  1. Hi Alka,

    Wonderfully woven words! Taking the stairs is always challenging though children don’t care about the hazards but do they care when they grow up? As toddlers they are driven by the curiosity and the excitement of novelty, as dreamers and aspiring achievers they are guided by their zeal to reach the zenith and touch the stars. It is natural for parents to worry and warn but who pays any attention!! Goals seem greater than any words of wisdom.

    Confidence is the key and those who nurture it are blessed! 🙂

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    • Which means, they do not care much about hazards…neither as toddlers nor as youth. When parents worry, often they have genuine concerns. Parents want their kids to see dreams that are realistic. After all…the higher the goals, the greater the fall. Moreover, when kids leave home forever to fulfill their dreams…a close knit family comes apart. But sometimes this parental worry is exaggerated and unfounded. That too is human nature 🙂
      Yes, confidence is necessary at every little step of life, more so when daring to be different.
      Thanks for your insight on this topic, Balroop!

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  2. Love this post, Alka- and I missed reading your posts too !
    My child is the other way, I think- now that she is 23 and completed her course and on her way to becoming a full-fledged doctor, she wishes she was back in her classes- medical school or her school classes- here is a girl who wants to go back in time- what do you have to say to that !

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    • Thanks Suzie! I had stopped blogging but came back – the pull for writing and for you all nice people. Nice to know about your brilliant daughter. If she looks back that must be because her chosen path gave her reasons to be happy. If we the oldies miss our early youth and sometimes imagine we’re the same, then I suppose those in their early twenties miss their childhood and continue to feel like teenagers. Also there is generally some fear or apprehension about becoming a completely independent adult. Childhood was safe. But she will soon move on and focus on her future goals…like we all did 🙂 

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  3. Seeing/reading the stories you write, I too gave a shot Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers 🙂 You’re such an inspiration. Thank you so much.. 🙂

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  4. Great story. Children do look at their parents for acknowledgement of their attempts of new adventures…then, once grown began to look forward to see for themselves what they can accomplish.

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    • Thank you! Exactly so. It’s all about gaining confidence and gradually weaning away towards independence. Compared to most animals and birds, human babies take longer.


  5. A short story with so much depth in it.loved it.mom was always scared to see her child climbing the stairs.the child says i have already climbed a few steps mom.don’t stop me,you will not regret it.both their thoughts are well potrayed.

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    • Thank you so much, Jeni! These are inevitable stages in everyone’s life. Mothers feel anxious for their growing baby’s safety, and also when he/she grows up and starts a new life. The child just wants to set free and live his/her life. Thanks for dropping by!


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