In Transit…



Early Ephemeral Signs

The weather man declares
Here’s your last day of summer
Be prepared, relish the change

I wonder at their confident claims
And look for subtle signs of change
Nature’s fleeting moods and frames

Yes! Yellowing greens, falling leaves
True! Shorter days, stillness in the air
Not too hot, and not yet cold here

Summer’s silently slipping away
Auburn autumn’s not too far away
Winter will soon be on its way


Transitory Thoughts

Toddling childhood
Romps away
Youth a guest
Never overstays
Fleeting desires
Melting moments
Nothing remains but
Cobweb of memories of
Tangled mesh of wishes
That refuse to untangle
One day, the last breath
Resolves everything
Good or bad, all
Comes to naught, like
Dispersing dewdrops

© 2016 Alka Girdhar


~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

These are my two poems written in response to The Daily Post’s today’s writing prompt: Fleeting


6 thoughts on “In Transit…

  1. Beautiful poem about changing seasons and change, Alka. We are certainly in autumn right now. Some of the green leaves on the trees here in Melbourne don’t look so bright anymore. But, I am still relishing what warm weather we have left and enjoy walking outdoors without a jacket 😀 “Cobweb of memories of, Tangled mesh of wishes” I love this phrase. Sometimes memories are just that – cobwebs. It was what we once experienced and sometimes we just can’t experience that feeling again.

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    • Thanks Mabel! Summer’s not over yet but comfortable now as against the burning scorchers we had till now. These are the days when one can go out any time, days still long and it’s not chilly yet. The phrase ’Cobwebs…” sounds cliché but it goes with the prompt word ‘fleeting’ 🙂 Our wishes are themselves a mesh, one too many and unsure too. When these jumbled unfulfilled wishes turn into memories they become more of a cobweb. And yes, we pass this way only once, savour the good and bad experiences and do not go that path again. If we do, things are usually changed 🙂

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