Her Photo Studio – a flash fiction


Her Photo Studio – short story

In this era of selfies, my 90 year old Nanna refuses to be clicked by some ‘weird little box’. That’s what she calls my rather big smart phone, the biggest I ever had.

But if I needed her photograph for her passport, what could I do? I had approach her for a picture.

When I told her to get ready for the picture, she eyed my ‘little box’ strangely and got up. Soon she stepped out of her room wearing her lovely cream jacquard suit with satiny rims, and dainty heels. I knew she was in her special mood. I had seen her wearing these on her 50th wedding anniversary. Soon after that grandpa had passed away.

She told me she wants to go out for getting her photograph clicked. Her enthusiasm was catchy. I agreed, picked up my mobile phone and drove her to her favorite park. I assumed that’s where she wants her picture taken, but she instructed with her hand, “Not here. There!!”.

Soon we reached a shop front. While she stood waiting, I walked up to a quaint door and checked the rusty board.

“Closed since 1990”

~~~ ~~~

My story in response to: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Photo prompt by Uday

14 thoughts on “Her Photo Studio – a flash fiction

    • Yes, if she so insists on a studio, then it can always be found. Younger generations should please the older generations if they can.
      The point I made is her unacceptance of changed era while still searching for the bygone times. Plus the reality of dying photo studios due to lack of customers.
      If I write a longer story it will be clearer 🙂

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    • May be granny was sad for a while. Probably not a big deal for her too.
      But you are right…there are so many possibilities. This was narrator’s first experience with studio type photography. Possibly she’ll now try other alternatives.
      Thanks for your comments!

      Liked by 1 person

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