A Writer’s Heart…



A Writer’s Heart

Choked with endless jumbled thoughts
This heart, ancient and weary
Like some stored chest of treasures
Somewhat worn, beyond its prime
Yet not worn out and passe.

Carries a lot of weight, of 
Experiences and wisdom galore
Hidden in its pit, secret stories
Of precious moments gone by
Either well-lived or idly whiled
Joys achieved, some denied

Overloaded and bursting now
The crammed chest of heart
Must now be unlocked, with
Magical keys of words, words 
And yet more words

A writer’s heart is indeed
A valuable treasure box
Unlatch its rusty door
Let the lock stifle it no more 
Let the inner voice flow out, to
Set free the riotous thoughts

© 2016 Alka Girdhar

~~~ ~~~

That was my response to this week’s photo prompt for Sue Vincent’s writephoto:

“A battered, iron-bound chest…Where did it come from? What does it hold…why does it need three keys to unlock its secrets…and where are they now?”

19 thoughts on “A Writer’s Heart…

  1. Hi Alka,

    If you must compare…that rusted chest is more like a writer who has never opened up…who as been waiting for the right occasion, the right person to share his secrets, waiting for eternity…almost forgetting its own existence! When those stories would tumble out, they can be really fascinating!
    The photo prompt is very inspiring and you have done a remarkable job! Thanks for sharing.

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    • Yes Balroop, rightly suggested by you…as many if not most writers do often share such feelings that never ever came out. That is why this comparison to some ancient long-locked chest seemed appropriate. Another point is that people who have hesitation with spoken words feel at ease when writing.
      Thanks for appreciating and for your valuable input!

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    • Thanks for appreciating my post! I visited your blog and found your articles informative and unique…particularly about innovative technologies. The Visual theme has always been on of my favorites too. It is great so far, will read more and let you know.
      I also seek advice on my blog, if you can do critical analysis, including faults, so that I know the drawbacks and improve it.


  3. Writer’s heart is indeed a chest of hidden treasure and endless jumbled thoughts. It is very much like a treasure hunt. It is layer within layers, it is stories within stories and there are such beautiful secret stories, all there silently speaking to our soul and we need our imagination and ignition through inspiration to unshackle our heart and rekindle our hidden joy and cherish the warmth of life through the stories of our daily life. It is locked and the key is lost, it needs the search of words to give those magical thoughts that keep coming to us the wings of words to fly and fly high with the support of imagination.

    Indeed it is such lovely poem and it is subtle, sublime and serene…

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  4. Nice Sharing Alka ji.
    ‘Carries a lot of weight, of
    Experiences and wisdom galore
    Hidden in its pit, secret stories
    Of precious moments gone by
    Either well-lived or idly whiled
    Joys achieved, some denied’

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