Stranded No More…


Stranded No More…

When seclusion callously corrodes
Every inch of your fine being
When it’s all dark and dreary
And your heart is tired and weary
Your eyes too solemn and teary.

Then lose no heart, O comrade!
The gloom will soon evaporate
The beaming rays will finally break
Through the engulfing black clouds
Compelling them to dissipate

Hang in there some more time!
For soon time will turn around
Get ready to smile and welcome
The crystal clear blue skies and
Golden happiness all around

© 2016 Alka Girdhar

~~~ ~~~

In response to #writephoto Photo Prompt ‘Isolation’ by Sue Vincent..

21 thoughts on “Stranded No More…

  1. Lovely poem, Alka. This one sounds like it’s a journey from darkness to light, and it reminds me that it’s always darkest before the dawn (I’m quoting Florence and the Machine here). “For soon time will turn around” This is so important to remember. As we are contemplating what has happened and wondering why something has happened to us, time and the world around us moves on. And without realising it, we will move on – life demands us in many places and situations.

    Over the last few months I haven’t been too well, and that has been getting me down. But I still try to take care of myself as best as I can; I go to work, come home, and rest. Life goes on, and in life the good times go with the bad. More often than not, when the sun starts to shine again, we will appreciate it all the more. Thank you for such an insightful piece of writing once again 🙂

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    • Thanks Mabel! Darkness is always followed by light. There’re no other way. Just now googled the phrase ‘darkest before the dawn’ and got this song by Florence and the Machine: I’m aware of this music band but didn’t know their individual songs as such.
      As I said before, time always turns around. I’ve experienced this a lot. Time and world move on. Whatever happens, good or bad, it does have long term impact on our life; and yet there is no choice but to move on and deal with our current life, our new problems and joys.

      Mabel, you’ve had few months of ill-health. Hope nothing too serious dear! Do take rest and eat properly, and take a leave from work if you need to. You’re so right…good and bad times go hand in hand. We see this from hour-to-hour, even within a single day. It’s been raining badly today and I was thinking of continuing with our shopping plan and enjoy the rain. Probably that’s not actual good time, that’s positive thinking 🙂

      Hope you have a restful weekend! Thanks for your comments that, as always, gave further insight about facts of life.


      • Shake It Out. Yes. That’s the Florence and the Machine song. So inspiring and your poem reminded me of it. Agree that time AND the world move along. With each impact, there is always a lesson(s) to be learnt and that is always valuable – and what makes us stronger

        Thanks, Alka. Hopefully I get better soon. I am resting; health is nothing to flap around about. You stay warm and dry. Winter is truly here. Take care 🙂

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  2. Hi Alka,

    What a wonderful poem! I have looked at this sky thousands of times but couldn’t think of this profound phrase…’callously corrodes…your fine being’…superbly framed! I love the way your thoughts have slowly evolved into ‘golden happiness.’
    If you give me this picture as a challenge, my eyes would rest on that golden glow, my thoughts would flow from there, flying high into those silver clouds! I look at the brighter side first and then welcome the clouds…let them wander, they have to move on!

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    • Thank you so much Balroop! Whether it is self-imposed or circumstantial…it is the isolation and seclusion, and the loneliness faced by some human that has callously corroded his/her fine being. Relating this gloomy mood to the given picture…well if somebody is stranded at a dark and vast forlorn space and the sky too is heavily overcast, one would feel nothing but lost and lonely at one such place.

      Looking at the golden glow first…now, that’s a different way of looking at the same picture. Even though one cannot deny darkness, positivity always helps:) In my poem I’m telling a stranded person to face darkness, but at the same time also know that this darkness won’t stay forever. Some rays of light are already peeping through…so it won’t be long before it is warm and golden.

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