Life & Money

Life & Money

is life all about money? Is it?
less money
more money
black money
white money
giving money
getting money
earning money
stealing money
spending money
valuing money
no money
no money means no life? Or does it?

Life is about money; more about
Power, positions, fame
And some love…
Can money buy love?
Can it purchase a dying life? Can it?

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

I wrote these lines in keeping with the recent demonitization in India, the scrapping of high value currency, the Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes. Its higher aim was/is to get rid of corruption. We see how big an impact this process had on each and every Indian resident, and also on non-resident Indians to some extent, for they too hoard rupees wherever they may live.

During such times life does begin to revolve around the value of money, that is, what all a few pieces of paper can or cannot buy.  And people start valuing the ‘right’ money even more.

A daily wage laborer cannot feed his/her family without money, and although money cannot buy love, only valid usable currency can pay a marriage celebrant or a priest. These previously treasured 500 and 1000 Rupee notes are obsolete and even hospitals want the right currency notes, only then they can save lives.


But then again, less money could finally mean less corruption in the society and in people’s hearts.

What do you say?.

10 thoughts on “Life & Money

  1. Love your poem, Alka. The many forms and thoughts revolving around money. Money is a double-edge sword. One one hand it can make us greedy and if we fall on the wrong side of it, we fall on the wrong side of the law. On the other hand, if we are wise and watch the money coming and going from our hands, in the long term we may be rewarded. It suppose which one we are more inclined to do depends on our values and what we want to risk.

    It sounds like a tricky situation going on in India, and hope the currency improves. It reminds me of the idea that money and the notion of currency is never stable, and this all often impacts on changes around the world – and also the choices that each and everyone of us makes.

    Personally, I’m the kind who is very careful with my money and will plan in advance what I want to do with it. I also always like to makes sure I have some tucked away for a rainy day, you know what I mean 😉

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    • Thanks Mabel! As in everything else, there is wisdom and certain balance needed in the usage as well as saving of money and other assets. They are meant to make our life comfortable and not miserable by overdoing it or under. Indian situation is probably like a bitter pill. It will take time but hopefully something good will come out of it.
      At a personal level, we the middle-class people have not yet reached that point that we end up collecting black money while depriving others in the society. Generally, I also like to save for the rainy day, and so do others in my immediate family. We have not been able to change our habits as we progressed, and that too is not appreciated by many 🙂

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    • Thank you Radhika! Life is money centric, with or without demonetisation.
      After all the trouble that the Indian residents are going through, if some benefits are attained, they will be long term and far-reaching. If not…well…pray 🙂

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  2. While money can never buy love or life…the oxygen it emits is very important and we all know it especially when we have seen such people back home who die due to lack of malnutrition, who can’t even afford three simple meals during the day, children who go to school just to eat mid-day meals, child labor…myriad such situations can be seen in developing countries and in the midst of such poverty ridden homes, such a Tughlaqi farmaan has been wreaking havoc! My thoughts and good wishes are with those people who have to bear the brunt of such “monumental” mistake without any farsightedness and planning.

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    • I started writing this poem in a mixed mood, wondering that people’s obsession with money is a shallow trait and yet money (hard cash) is vital to our existence…but by the time I reached the end of my post, it became a critique on India’s case.

      This monumental step will turn out to be a complete blunder or a panacea from the society’s existing ills, only time will tell. I believe, the government’s intentions were good and it wasn’t meant to be a ‘farmaan’ as such, but definitely some larger planning was necessary for its better implementation.

      In a country with such deprived and needy, there do exist filthy rich people who bury hard cash within their house walls and backyards. So that way it is good if demonitisation can cause a scare among the rich who will be compelled to share.
      Yesterday I read that the Income Tax department has seized unaccounted assets worth over Rs 142 crore, about Rs 10 crore in new notes and gold bars weighing 127 kg — during searches at multiple locations in Chennai.

      Who knows, after all this initial turbulence, it may work…

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  3. A balance is needed as you say… we need money to help us live, we need to remember that it’s not the only ingredient to life… for your soul to by happy…we need family, friends, good health, a sense of gratitude…etc. all these, money cannot not buy…it won’t buy us eternal life…

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    • Well said! When money, as in hard cash, goes missing it is problematic as in Indian scenario. In general, apart from daily material needs that help us survive, we need family and friends to share what we have, good health to enjoy it all, and above all be thankful for whatever we have.


  4. Nice piece Alka. I believe that in our life, we need a bit of everything. We do need to understand our internal emotions like love but we also need to work hard to earn our bread and butter. Everything is required. The problem comes when we want to have too much. Too much love leads to wrong expectations, too much money leads to insecurity, too much pain leads to mental agony. We should avoid too much of anything.
    Regarding demonetization, while it is a good move, but circulation of the new notes should be there which is the main problem. Unavailability of new notes is causing a lot of problem. Smooth planning is missing in this good move to curb black money.

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    • You are so right. ‘A bit of everything’ is needed in life. Too less material resources can be painful. But as you identified so philosophically, a desire to have ‘too much’ is the root cause of all troubles, emotional or mental. Moderation is the key, and so after we have attained sufficient of anything, we should be content .

      With proper planning, if the Indian government had ensured and arranged for enough exchange money in advance, and if there were sufficient new notes then this good step would not have gone haywire.
      Thanks for your input, Amrit!

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