Blue Moon Love

I think about you
Only once in a blue moon.
But the moon is never blue
Or is it forever blue?

Melting moon changes phases
This fickle trickster teases.
My love in not like a blue moon
For it’s forever true, forever blue.

All Rights Reserved ©2015 Alka Girdhar


Today is a Blue Moon day (31st July, 2015).  The one that is in the common saying “Once in a blue moon”
A moon that actually looks blue is a very rare sight. Full moon appears blue only when the atmosphere is filled with dust or smoke particles of a certain size;  say after a storm or a volcanic eruption.
Which means, in reality, there is nothing like blue moon. The moon is never blue. It only appears to be so because of smoke and all.
Which also means if this concept of ‘blue moon’ is more of our imagination, then it is up to us to assume moon is always blue. True love is like that. Always the same.


The blue picture was borrowed from a free picture site, hence my poem is more appropriate for Jennifer’s color your world challenge – Midnight blue

A Fateful Union – Jupiter & Venus

venus-jupiterWe converge tonight
Oh! What a sight
For enchanted onlookers

We come close
As close as we can be.
But destined to drift apart

While we are here
Let’s make the most
Of union that’s meant to be


The two planets that are actually millions of kilometers apart, appear very close tonight. After three days like this, they will again drift apart.

Scientists call this phenomenon a conjunction. Circumstances where two celestial bodies appear to be very close together in the sky, but actually they’re separated by millions or hundreds of millions of miles or even light years.