When Horses Come Home…

My short story for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers FFfAW:


Photo prompt by Scott of Scott’s Place

When Horses Come Home…

The way he had spent his whole life with horses, it was no surprise that the smart animals understood him more than humans did.

Jackie was little when his father passed away leaving the horse ranch to him. He loved his family of horses. He looked after them, fed them well, cuddled them. They too did all the hard work they were supposed to do.

As they all came home, each night he would sing lullabies to them. Not exactly singing but secret words and voice tone that could only be deciphered by his neighing horses. As he sang, most of them would begin to relax and retire. But every second day, at least one or two hyper-active colts would throw up tantrum snorts and refuse to sleep.

What Jackie did then, was similar to what he, as a single father, did to his own children. Simple set of rules:
Dole out extra love while also ruling out hunger, pain or other reason for the colt’s misbehavior.
If coercing doesn’t bring about the required response, then better ignore the brats. Left alone, usually they go off to sleep in no time.

After all, good manners don’t come by easy.

© 2015 Alka Girdhar

Solid As a Rock…


This was the lush valley of Solan Hills where they both went to school together, played hand in hand and loved each other even when they didn’t know the meaning of love.  

The two sturdy rocks in the middle of soft grassy terrain was their favorite spot. They gave these rocks their own human names. They would sit leaning on their own rock and talk for hours.

But as they grew up they had to leave these meadows, where they both truly belonged.

He got a job in a far-off city. She followed him. They got married and the next sixty years slipped by bringing up a robust family.

But the pair had left their hearts behind – in their small town full of grassy mounts and proud rocks – the memories of which recurred in their dreams and always gave them strength.  

So when doctors told him he had terminal cancer, he pleaded that he wished to be buried next to his favorite rock in Solan. She nodded and reassured. 

They were two bodies and one soul. Soon after he breathed his last, she lost her will to live.

Their children brought them back to their playground and now they lie in deep sleep next to their favorite rocks.

The whole town remembers them as lovers who came back to where they came from.

*** *** ***

This is my first ever story attempt on my blog.  It’s in response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (FFfAW) , a story challenge hosted by Priceless Joy. 
The above photo prompt for the story was provided by Louise from The Storyteller’s Abode.

Thanks for reading! In my new found story-writing mood, I have written two more stories in response to the above photograph.  I reckon they are different if not better than the above story. You can read them here: Extracted Promises & Rocks that Talk

© 2015 Alka Girdhar