My Creepy Room-Mate



This girl on my room wall
Gives me a queer call

She hangs in a demeanor
That I fail to comprehend

Worrisome and contemplating
Or is she tranquil and serene?

Her eyes make a mute appeal
Or is it a sinister frosty chill?

Are they tears, dried and darkened
Or is her make-up running out?

Are her cheeks rosy and robust
Or is her blood streaming out?

One look, and I look away
With restless unease

This creepy girl on my wall
Somehow does not please


~ © Alka Girdhar ~


This silver portrait is in my house in one of the rooms. Looks different in various lights – gothic, somber, eerie or just thoughtful.

Katsaridaphobia – a fear of…



Not some beach beauty
Lying supine on its back
With upward knee-bent legs

This is a creepy crawly
Sprayed to its death
Waiting for its last breath

Unable to turn its back
And get back on its feet
Lies inert and helpless

Feels life through its feelers
Vigorously jiggles its skinny legs
Then goes numb and number

It implores – Help! Help! Help!!
Its sight gives us shivers
As we say – Eww! Ick! Yuck!


Whether it‘s some hyper-active – alive and kicking – big red cockroach causing scare all around or a half-dead roach lying on its back, it is always a creepy sight.

Once a roach is sighted, a quick decision has to be made, and thereafter, the whole process of chasing it so as to spray insecticide on it with our shaky hands, and then see it running haywire trying to somehow save its life, is a nightmarish thing.

You do not want to kill it, but what to do.
You’re afraid of him (it) and he’s afraid of you
You can either love them or hate them
You can save yourself or save them. 

So, faced with this dire situation that demands immediate action, we cannot help but spray lethal liquid on its shiny creepy body and render it immobile.  Having lost all control on its life, he (it) lies completely helpless on its back.

Nowadays I cope better with my Katsaridahobia, Shmobia. With mindful thinking, I have conditioned my mind to cope with it. No, not by trying not to avoid it, rather by looking at it directly for a while. I’ve also learnt to think in terms of inclusiveness. Nothing in this world is ugly. No creature is good or bad.
All things bright and beautiful, All creatures great and small, All things wise and wonderful…The Lord God made them all.


The above picture was self-clicked. For more creepy fun have a look here, but the faint at heart to please stay away from this link.

Creepy Reward


We clicked this picture while bush-walking in Carlingford area of Sydney and captured this insect being trapped and the spider eating it. The overall blurred picture shows the hues of this spider and insect duo quite vividly

Spider's Reward

Inspired me to write a poem:

She spins a web
But means no harm
Just wants her feast
Her daily dinner.

A gullible fly
Flies into this web
Of sticky threads
With no exit.

For her it’s a prey
But also a reward
Of her clever labor
She’s so happy!!!

It is creepy. And it might seem like merciless killing.  In our eyes, this insect is a victim but it’s a reward for this spider for all her smart hard-work.  Weird ways of nature!!

By the look of it, this spider seems to be Andrew’s Cross Spider.  They construct a large web and are common during summers in the bush and gardens around homes. Living in Australia, we need to be able to identify spiders, esp. the Australian Funnel Web spider which is extremely venomous.

For more information on these spiders:  AustralianMuseum


“Vividly Creepy Reward.” 


© Copyright Alka Girdhar