Wicked Witch Rituals


If some bad buddy hurts me…
What do I do?  No, I don’t weep

I immerse their head in water
And enjoy their cool dip dip dip

I put them in a fruit juicer
And squeeze them till they drip

I grind them into fine flour
And knead, thump and beat

I turn them into a long stick
And break it into little twigs

I write their name on a paper
And cut it up into tiny bits

I crumple them with my fist
And put them under my feet

I hardly ever do all this
As I mostly ‘forget and forgive’

I like to hold my head high
And quietly…quit quit quit!!

Copyright © 2015 Alka Girdhar

Evil Tree Lord Awakening

That was my evil poem in response to  The Daily Post’s writing prompt Wicked Witch

Actually if somebody hurts me, I do none of the above evil acts. I do forgive and forget to whatever extent I can. When I find it difficult to quit, I try to win their heart and change them although that’s very exhausting and comes with its own risks.

The Lives of Witches and Bitches


Photograph by Barbara W. Beacham

The Lives of Witches and Bitches

From her small balcony, the witch watches her world go by.  
Although no one has seen her closely, hers is a youth scarred by years of neglect and ill-health. Frail body, matted hair and dull skin make her look older. Some mornings, one can hear her howling as she sits in her balcony, staring into the vacuum.

Recently, community youngsters reported that she’s now a regular at the local pub. Some nights she gets so tipsy that she laughs boisterously while picking ruckus with all the ‘gentlemen’ there.

What amazes our community is that her pub persona is so unlike her usual weeping self within her quiet house. The new joke around town is: ‘Witch by the day, bitch by the night’.

Little do they know that the duo are identical twins. One, a house-bound agarophobic who cries a lot, and the other a sociopath who laughs unbound.  Two daughters deserted by a mother who was deserted by a gentleman.
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This is my take on flash fiction challenge Mondays Finish The StoryWe are provided with a new photo each week, and the first sentence of the story. 

Copyright ©2015 Written by Alka Girdhar