Skill Search to Express Myself

I write often…more so lately.  But I hesitate to call myself a writer.

To me, writing comes as a way of expressing what I am thinking at a particular moment. And this random writing is not a skill, or is it? A planned organized writing of a book would be different thing.  Probably I was not born with writing skills but these developed accidentally by way of being good in various languages.

One type of skill would be some hidden ability that I was born with, that I remained more or less unaware of till some awkward moment when this talent just couldn’t contain itself, it burst out as it was dying to come out.

There is one such dormant skill that I have is – dancing.  Besides occasional dancing at family weddings, all I have ever danced is at my school functions long time ago.  But we never took it as a skill rather thought it all as merely a part of schooling.  Dancing thus ranks low in my long list of could-have-been-developed skills. And yet it keeps showing its face whenever and wherever it can. It is other people who remind me that I do have it in me.

I am reminded of one such occasion.  Long time ago after I just came to Australia I attended a short college course, doing very well in academics thus building a reputation of being a quiet and serious student.  At the end-of-year party, to everyone’s surprise I danced as if there was no one around me.  People were left open-mouthed in surprise and I ended up getting an award of ”Closet Party Girl – who dances very well”. I was embarrassed at this recognition as I had not done anything special from my side but others thought differently. It’s a different issue that soon my skill again went back to its closet.

Thus we see, discreet talents are like a diamond that cannot hide the shine that it is born with. Somebody or the other will notice it in us.

Till now I mentioned about skills that are hidden, skills that people themselves are more or less oblivious to.  Another kind of skill awareness (or lack of it) is when you do not have much inborn talent in a particular field but you think you have and are adamant to prove yourself – come what may.

We see this overconfidence in shows like “Australia’s got talent”  (replace with America, India and whatever country these are held in).   Participants come prepared, have possibly trained themselves for months after which they give their best shot in these competitive shows.  And yet, in their very first performance they are told by veteran judges, “Who told you to come here?”.  Participants start crying and even beg.  Amusing unrealistic misconceptions about their talents they have.  Not just in such shows but in real life we see performers in every field, who do what they want even if they just can’t.  But that’s the spirit!!!
Only thing is, each person is born with unique set of talents and skills. And it is essential to realistically identify those skills rather than chasing a rainbow.

Besides these two kinds, the third category of skills are neither the undiscovered talents nor self-delusionary non-existent non-skills.

The third skill type are the inborn authentic talents that we very much become aware of at an early age.  Our parents or teachers notice them as we grow up, and most of us do take care of these skills by training ourselves in some manner but gradually they become a hobby because our priorities are with the more serious career issues.
They are actually our inner calling but they take a back seat. They are our gifts from nature that are neglected.  But like in any other successful career goals, our talents and skills too need focus, hard work and mastering and covering the loop holes if any.

For me, singing as well as instrumental music falls in this third category.  I would like to catch up with my music skills. I heartily wish to begin practicing classical music notes that I learnt long time ago and move on from there towards some sort of perfection that I would have attained long time ago, had I not treated music as something secondary.

In these coming months, I want to see myself singing, standing on some stage in front of audience.
Ok, let it be coming years.
Gone again?  Not this time.
However, wonder if I got mixed up between a talent and a skill?

~~~ ~~~

As you can see from my writing style, I wrote this post soon after I joined WordPress. It was in response to The Daily Post’s previous prompt: “I Got Skills.” and later felt it is somewhat related to Practice Makes Perfect? 

Writing, music, dancing…these are my skills I regularly need to express myself

Thanks for reading!