Fly Like A Kite


Matariki Kite Festival

Like A Kite

Fly aloft like a kite
Soar high and higher still
Ecstatic and bouncy with delight
Walk dreamily on clouds
Enthrall viewers on the ground

Probe uncertain realms
Be coaxed by gentle wind
To never give up half-way through

Find your strength, have faith
That your string is in reliable hands
Of that fond player, who made you fly
Who carefully tuned your first leap forth
Till you found your own balance

 Fly high like a kite
Just don’t fall like one
Onlookers can be very unforgiving


© 2016-17 Alka Girdhar.


Life & Money


Life & Money

is life all about money? Is it?
less money
more money
black money
white money
giving money
getting money
earning money
stealing money
spending money
valuing money
no money
no money means no life? Or does it?

Life is about money; more about
Power, positions, fame
And some love…
Can money buy love?
Can it purchase a dying life? Can it?

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

I wrote these lines in keeping with the recent demonitization in India, the scrapping of high value currency, the Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes. Its higher aim was/is to get rid of corruption. We see how big an impact this process had on each and every Indian resident, and also on non-resident Indians to some extent, for they too hoard rupees wherever they may live.

During such times life does begin to revolve around the value of money, that is, what all a few pieces of paper can or cannot buy.  And people start valuing the ‘right’ money even more.

A daily wage laborer cannot feed his/her family without money, and although money cannot buy love, only valid usable currency can pay a marriage celebrant or a priest. These previously treasured 500 and 1000 Rupee notes are obsolete and even hospitals want the right currency notes, only then they can save lives.


But then again, less money could finally mean less corruption in the society and in people’s hearts.

What do you say?.

Freedom Is Everyone’s Birthright


Magnanimous Word

Saare Jahan se Achcha…Hindustan Hamara

Happy Independence Day to all the people of Indian origin, wherever you are in this world, and of whatever faith, religion, color, caste or creed.  Be One!!   The country you hail from is one of its kind – a land of beautiful culture, strong values, spiritualism, linguistic and religious diversity.

It’s a day to value your freedom, to remember that it was attained after huge sacrifices, to not take it for granted and to constantly work towards maintaining this freedom so that our future generations can thank us, just as we thank our ancestors for the hard work they did to give us this day. A free country gives us all roots and belonging, it’s a prerogative but also an onus.


This poem by Rabindranath Tagore sums it up:

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high
Where knowledge is free

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Life Of A Yogi


Yoga means union
Union of soul-mind-body
Body that forever ails

Ails of endless travails
Mind that wanders
Wanders without control
Control these two
Be a yogi!!

A yogi at heart
Heart that is detached
Detached from the world
World that’s an illusion
Illusions we chase
Chasers get no peace
Peace always evades
Be a yogi!!

Yogi with peace of mind
Mind that’s finally sure
Sure of what it wants
Wants inner happiness
Happiness it gets
Gets and then spreads
Spreads to all mates
Be a yogi!!

© 2016 Alka Girdhar

A yogi, in the above sense, is a detached renunciate, someone with a blissful state of mind that is unaffected by good or bad. He’s everyone’s friend and companion, and yet not attached to anyone.

Hence yogi is not just someone who does rigorous yoga exercises the whole day long, although that has its benefits too. After all, a healthy body and healthy mind go together, while meditation too calms the mind.

These were my random thoughts as today is International Yoga Day!  In Sydney there was Yoga atop Sydney Harbour Bridge.
I personally do no yoga exercise ever though I aspire to learn…maybe one day..

When She Learnt to Get Her Voice Heard

Aria was visiting her native land after many years, and she visited her high school after what seemed like ages. As she parked her car near her school, she stood looking at a pathway and saw herself once again. Distant. A faint silhouette slowly moving away.


Young Aria sitting on the back seat of her school teacher’s bicycle while he rode leisurely. This slow-moving bike journey along the short tree-lined path, took them from their school to All India Radio, the local radio-station that had recording studios within. Those days when private channels had not yet mushroomed, the government-run AIR was the only radio-station in her city. Continue reading

He Never Died…



He Lives On…in me

This day
He was over.
Long lost
Long gone
Does he now live in heaven?
Possibly he took birth again.
Will never know
But for me…
He was
He is
He will remain
My one and only father
For, a father is a father
He continues…
Flows in our blood
Lives in our cells
Runs in our veins
Thrives in our thoughts
Forever in our hearts
Did ‘that’ day
When he left us
Does this day
19th of April





You are dark, she is fair
She is black, he is white
We are brown, they are yellow
Are you brunette or blonde?
We coloured people
With discoloured hearts
And uncoloured ways
Turn more coloured on Holi
And yet, less coloured

Becaue the Festival of Colours
Is a great equilizer, its
Colourful masks uncolour
Our fake crude colours
And we are no more
Rich or poor, big or small
Literate-illiterate, light or dark
Merely simple human beings
Living life, enjoying moments
Just as we are meant to do

© 2016 Alka

~~~ ~~~

May your life be full of right colors that are devoid of any bias.!

It’s often about these two – India & Music

It’s holiday time which means with more time in hand, other than merry-making and enjoying Christmas Carols, I am back to my Indo-mania. Back to?  That’s because it comes off and on, but when it does it’s not in small doses. And that includes not only thinking about all things Indian but also listening to Indian music and watching Indian movies.

Here are some songs from a very recent Indian movie Bajirao Mastani. Based on a true historical love story between Bajirao and Mastani from the 1700s, it has kings, queens and warriors in their vibrancy and opulence.

Those of you who do not understand the lyrics (possibly 99% of you) can still enjoy these songs for their art and music. Make it full screen for greater visual effects and see them till the end.

The following song is sung in two different Indian languages which means even a polyglot like me does not understand every word of it, but after listening to it a few times, I could feel it going on and on in my mind.

Here’s another catchy number from the same movie. It is based on a mix of pinga and laavni (folk) dance art forms that are popular in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Great choreography and setting, and of course beautiful Indian women in their traditional attire. One of these stars is the lead character in the American TV series Quantico.

These songs being authentically Indian, are different from usual Bollywood songs. Hence I felt like sharing. Hope you enjoy!





Mother Nature enjoys
Testing its humans

Immersed in waters
But no drinking water

Man helps man
Hands holding hands

Forming a human chain
Of love and compassion

The best comes out
In the worst of times

Human spirit remains


Recent floods due to heavy rains in India’s fourth largest city Chennai have taken lives of more than 280 people and left the city devastated, not to mention the breakdown of infra-structure.

It was amazing to see people stand united in their times of extreme trouble.
You too can help by donating via any of these reliable links.

Chennai Floods

Global Giving

Penguin Cuddle

The Spooky Experience

I saw this writing prompt by The Daily Post:

Bloggers, UnpluggedSometimes, we all need a break from these little glowing boxes. How do you know when it’s time to unplug? What do you do to make it happen?

And I thought that only yesterday it so happened that I  could manage to be away from my blog for the whole day. This was something unusual for a Sunday, even more so after I had published a brand new post in the morning – my recent poem.

A day out for shopping and a long movie to follow got me unplugged from blogging for the day. But other than this, I also had a quaint experience; the main reason for writing my today’s post.


Yesterday, my son wanted to give me a treat for some special occasion. His dad is generally more of a movie addict, but since he prefers watching movies at home, he wouldn’t have gone anyway so off we went – mom and son – a rare feat this one.

The movie was at the Hoyts Cinema.  Indian (Hindi) movies are usually longer than English movies, and this one being a brand new movie but a traditional family drama on the lives of kings and princes, it meant more than three hours gone focusing on the story.  How unplugged is that from the blogging world!

And now for my strange experience.

As we were getting our tickets at the cinema counter, the girl asked me if we had any seat preference. I told her my preference was for one of the back rows. As she handed me the tickets, I asked her if she could also have given the corner seats. She told, it is one of the back rows but the seats are probably somewhere in the middle and not corner.

Now as we entered the hall, I observed it was not much crowded.  Plenty of empty spaces and as we walked in, on the right side column of seats there was a row with four seats.  My son sat on one of these and said this looks fine.

I argued with him that why did I have to specifically ask for the back rows if we do not wish to use them now. I made him get up from there and I took a few steps upwards so as to keep walking towards the back rows where, as per me, our legal seats were.

As I went up, I suddenly stopped short near a row left towards where I stood, and decided to occupy two corner seats.  Mind it, there were still seven to eight more rows to go before we could reach one of the top rows. But that seemed like an effort and somehow I decided for these two corner seats.

The row was pretty much empty and so were most seats all round us. Basically, we felt that since the movie was about to start, we shouldn’t bother about not occupying the correct seat numbers. It didn’t seem at all that anyone would come now and vacate us, which we didn’t mind. Moreover we had sacrificed our better top row seats that give less eye-strain.

Fast forward… half of the movie gone, there came intermission and with lights on, suddenly my son checked the seat number written on his seat. Then he took out his ticket and checked the number there too. It was the same. Quite surprised he checked for my seat too.  Yes the number on that seat was also the same as it was on my ticket. We were sitting at the right place.

Spooky?  Of course it was very spooky.  He asked me how can such a thing even happen?

Do you have an answer for this?               

  ~~ ~~~

This was a true experience so I felt like sharing.