Not Charged Enough

When I saw the two words provided to us by Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge 44,  I was like…aww…not for me. I dare not try this one:

Look how this prompt
Has super-charged you wanton lovers
I better stay away

But, once the mind started working, it couldn’t help creating.

How could the lovers meet?
Her phone battery was uncharged
Communication gap.

And if she is gone, what’s the point thinking too much about her…

You think you love her?
Once a lover not always a lover  
Take charge of your life

life is what I make happen

Make it happen, be creative, be constructive…let it be

The lovers of arts
Always super-charged with ideas
Live your pipe dreams.

My brain seems to have been charged by these poems…better use it before the battery goes down.

© Alka Girdhar