Happy New Year 2015…Happy New Second !!!


Year 2015 is going to be the best year for you….

Happy New Year 2015…Happy New Second !!!

Seconds tick and turn into a minute
Minutes unite to become an hour
Hours collate to create a day
Seven days make a week
Four weeks are called a month
A dozen months construct an year

While we welcome a coming new year
Let’s celebrate each new month
Rejoice every upcoming week
Love each fresh new day
Devour every new hour
Live for each crisp new minute
Smile every single second

A dying person
desperately seeks ‘seconds’
and so should we
the living

Take care of seconds
The year will take care of itself…


Make the most of every moment in 2015
God bless you all at Word Press!!!

“Alka Girdhar~~
31st Dec 2014