Somebody has to Help. Links to Help Nepal !

Yesterday, another earthquake struck Nepal. Last month’s earthquake on the 25th April 2015 left more than 8000 dead. Hundreds of thousands are homeless and they need food, shelter, medicines, clothing and every other possible help.

I’ve donated via online sites. Whatever we give is like a drop in the ocean but every drop matters to those who have nothing left.

Here I have compiled some trustworthy links where you can donate online. Some of these accept Paypal, others accept as low as $5. Spend some time looking at each site and read what’s going on.

1).  Donate using Credit Card or PayPal via  World Vision:    Nepal Earthquake 

2).  Donate via UNICEF:  Help Nepal 

3).  Donate via SOS Children’s Village:  Nepal Earthquake

4).  Donate only $5 (minimum amount) via International Medical Corps: Support Nepal

5).  Donate using Credit Card or PayPal via Care International Nepal Appeal
Care International
Go to the above link and scroll down to see links for different countries – Care Australia,   Canada, India etc

6).  Donate via Credit Card or Paypal via Global Giving:   Nepal Fund

7.  Donate via Red Cross Australia:   Nepal Region Earthquake Appeal

8).  Donate via Caritas Australia:  Nepal Earthquake Appeal

9).  Groupon Australia asks for only $5 minimum. Affordable for everyone:  Groupon

Useful things to know before you donate – where and how of it.

I have no personal connection to any of these sites –  just a small step to connect large-hearted people with those who are in dire need. My fellow bloggers can share to facilitate maximum exposure to other bloggers.


The fact remains, somebody has to help them.  Those who badly need help, can’t help themselves.
These are destructive Forces of Nature in these Himalayan regions prone to such natural disasters.

Thanks for reading !!

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a gratitude 

a tremor
an earthquake
a catastrophe far-flung
a house tumbling down
a city gone down
a stink of death
a bane


a look around
a home I own
a flower blooms
a kitchen warm
a burning fire
a sanctuary
a blessing



The poem was a response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Fearful Symmetry
“Pick a letter, any letter. Now, write a story, poem, or post in which every line starts with that letter.”

© All rights reserved 2015

Prancing Nature…Helpless Humans

Early this week, in Shine after Rain I wrote about the three-day super storm that lashed Sydney recently.

Sydney-siders had not even recovered from the previous storm that two days down the track yesterday again a freakish unusual storm battered Sydney, this time with hailstorm.
I captured some of the heavy rain and hail in motion as you can see the white vertical haze.

While this hailstorm was causing chaos in Sydney, minutes after that came along a huge earthquake causing devastation in Nepal.

These are vagaries and forces of mother nature. One moment we sit calm and quiet, the next moment we are badly shaken. Nature makes us run around in awe and fear.

In olden days, it was not possible to capture images of shaking earth during earthquakes or overflowing waters causing tsunami. But nowadays the same cameras that take our beautiful selfies, the same security cameras that we deploy to save us from impending dangers, now they show us our very own devastation in the hands of nature…as it occurs minute by minute.

My poem on the above thought:

these time machines
capture live selfies
now film
the dance of death
poignant moments
devastation alive
acquaint us
with our grim reality
for we are but
puppets and pawns
in the hands
of time and death

The above video (courtesy: you tube) shows yesterday’s earthquake in Nepal shaking the earth. My Haiku poem to sum up nature’s dance:

Dame nature scares us
with its moody moves and shakes
Another victory on humans

Nature’s victory on humans. Yes. But as usual we rise above it all by sharing our resources with those who have been hard hit. The undaunted human spirit survives.


One Word Photo Challenge: Hail and Storm

Header: self-clicked – hail on the grass.

Types of Tatters


Tattered Women

Two women in tatters
One for the want of needed clothes
Other wants tattered clothes.

Ripped jeans are in vogue. Those peek-a-boo type that reveal just a little to create the desired effect (or so the wearer thinks). The concept is that of straying away from perfection, to look rustic yet glamorous. Rubbed and smudged smokey eyes instead of perfectly lined eyeliner, tousled unruly hair instead of a prim bob or perfect blunt. All this teamed with torn jeans or tees. And still not look like a beggar. Now that’s creativity!!

Compare this to a poor girl/woman. Someone who wears clothes with a sole purpose of covering herself because she has to – so as to protect her body from weather. She can’t afford good clothes, she wears the same few clothes over and over till they start to look torn and tattered. No glamour, no creativity there.

So. It makes sense if all the fashionistas donate their unused clothes as much as they can, esp. the ones that are like-new but not in use any more, for they are, as women say ‘no more in vogue’. After all, what’s the point of holding on to them if they have already been deemed out-of-fashion by our snooty branded friends and relatives, isn’t it? Give them away and let some poor woman wear a complete and whole untattered dress, which she can proudly call her own.

~~ ~~

That was my Haiku for this week’s Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge 41.
The poem was composed using two words that were given to us: want  & tatter

My above Haiku poem was awarded with A Ronovan Writes Serious Haiku Choice


These compliments were also showered along with the award:
“Alka Girdhar
of Magnanimous WordTypes of Tatters. A very good subject this week. In truth the best subject matter yet. @girally


Picture Credit: pixabay pinterest
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