LOVE:  Facts and Facets

Love:  Real or Illusion
(Food for thought haiku for those in love)

love, an oft needed pill
that cures, to cause
greater malady


love, an oft needed balm
that calms the heart,
numbs the mind (brain)

love, an oft desired enigma
that opens few doors
closes many more


love – an obscure game.
the loser wins it all,
after losing it all

love, a lure for beauty
and youth, love fades
as youth and beauty fade

love, not lust, is the truest
love, from soul and heart
not body and mind

love exists not in flowers
jewels, cakes or chocolates
but in truth, loyalty and faith

well…love is so commercial these days
jewels can win her heart

jewellary to win her heart before somebody else does

woo the (material) girl
with a big sparkling solitaire
or else
somebody else will
woo her
a diamond bigger
a bigger cake
a bouquet brighter

Let this Valentine’s Day be for genuine love, not greedy love
Let there be compassion for the fellow human beings…

For the writing prompt: Cupid’s Arrow


I wrote the above set of Haiku poems some time back in the context of romantic love as it was Valentine’s Day.

These poems do not provide a singular definition of what love is all about. But overall, the crux is that love is unselfish. It is not self-centered. It is not based on material things that the other person can provide us.

Love should make you feel happy, even if it demands sacrifice. We all sacrifice our precious time and money for our children. Even the most intelligent mothers, at some point or the other, end up compromising with their career if their child needs them, and yet this sacrifice makes them happy.

Love tries to give, not take. If we love somebody, we should be happy with whatever little we get in return.

The above criteria is for true love, be this your love for a lover, child, parent, pet or neighbor. But true love is a difficult path – easier said than done. That’s because we all love our own self more than we love anyone else. Hence our ‘ego’ becomes a barrier between us and those we claim to love.

I Want to Know What Love Is

♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

© 2015 Alka Girdhar

Ode to Terrorists


So you think you are smart, don’t you?
Yeah sure you live in your pipe dreams

Wow!! You are real men, aren’t you?
With power to thunder and create havoc

You want to scare us, want to terrorize
How desperately you seek our hatred!

We don’t hate you, but we do pity
Pity your sickness, your pathetic mind

You disgust us but we don’t hate you
No time to hate, we’re too full of love

You kill, we embrace our dead like never before
Million bouquets united us all at Martin Place

The heroes you killed, will live on in our hearts
And you? You lived alone, died alone, to be forgotten

You loner! You loser! Can’t you see?
You became weak, we became strong!!

You killed school kids in Peshawar, fragile and sweet
In our love for these kids, we forgot to hate you

We tender humans cried freely for the departed
You macho cowards made us cry, then run and hide

You hide your face before killing, and after killing
You live a cloaked and masked dead life

You give terror, we become strength
You give hatred, we become love

You’ll lose your games!!  We will win!!!
It’s that simple…


I wrote this poem after Sydney Terror Seige  in December, 2014 and soon after that massacre of innocent children inside Peshawar school
Who would not be moved by such videos: school children and bodies

My feelings are now apt for current France Terror Attack.  Sadly nothing’s changed….

© All rights reserved 2014