Of Abandoned Truths and Pleasant Lies



deviant art: Eve Blackwood


Living with Abandoned Truths and Pleasant Lies

She left me, this mother mine
But fills my whole world
Leaves no place untouched
No moment unharmed
Nothing intact!

Oh my perturbed mind!
Come with me to a realm
That’s beyond Continue reading

War and Fame – for Haiku Challenge

Weekly Haiku Challenge

my five haikus on
War and Fame
meaning explained

war kills people
freedom killed by
fame, both lame

(War is meant to destroy the enemy and killing is a normal and expected part of the game.
Fame is supposed to bring one’s name to limelight but if there ever was freedom and privacy in one’s life then that finishes as one gets famous. Your time, your life is in other people’s hands or the media rules you, like it was with Princess Diana.)

a hero of war
famed in one nation
the other defames

(A war hero returns home after destroying the enemy and is hailed for his valour and efforts, he wins awards and gets famous. But does the enemy nation whose personals were destroyed, see him as a hero or an anti-hero?  Thus, it’s all relative)

war versus. fame
war never good
fame good or bad

(War is never good as the very purpose at the outset in far from noble, and the result is destruction and absence of peace.
Fame, if a result of positive deeds, is good if one can handle it well. It may go to a person’s head but still not as bad as war if popularity is due to good work.
But of course there is something called bad name or defamation, which is not considered good or desirable.)

fame brings envy
envy causes war
fame brings war

(Your name and fame, esp if it is also accompanied by power and wealth, may give you happiness but that may not make everyone around you happy. In fact many people would be envious of you and pick up petty fights. Thus indirectly fame has the capacity to bring war – big or small – among families, friends and neighbours.)

when one gets fame
one is at war, is it
worth getting fame?

(Often people seem to be desirous of getting fame as we have one life and we should not vanish into oblivion. Alternatively, people do not desire fame but it’s a by-product of other kinds of success.  But everything comes with a price and so once the fame arrives, then the conflict may arise whether it was worth getting fame or was a quiet simple life good when there were not many demands)


These were my five entries for Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge.  I can’t help sending multiple poems, for when my pen writes…it writes and writes.

Which one of these do you like?

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