Agree to disagree

Divided we Stand


Within my house, my son and I disagree on many issues. Belief in astrology is one of them.  Belief in God is another.

He does not believe in astrology at all.

I don’t absolutely believe blindfold but I don’t disbelieve either.   

If there is a major planetary transit taking place and if there is some news about it, I am keen to know how it will effect me and my dear ones.  And if currently there is a Saturn transit phase going on in my life, then the dread created by it has to have some remedies, as prescribed by the astrologers.  I argue with him.

But he mocks at it.  It’s such a humorous situation that the moment I talk about effects of Saturn, he puts his hands on his ears or else he opens the picture of the bulky planet and says, how can this concrete mass of rock have any power to change your life. 

Some time back, merely out of this new found curiosity, I had ended up learning a lot about both western as well as Eastern (Indian/Chinese) astrology.  When I mention to him that now I have gained a new kind of intricate knowledge, he cries hoarse, “That’s not knowledge. that’s anti-knowledge”

His arguments are that all this is what is taking us humans backward.   Sticking to dogmas and false beliefs.  He cites the research done on hundreds of identical twins to prove that people born on the same day and time do not share same kind of life or nature or future.  At this, I contradict that people born on same day have strange common experiences. There are many such cases world wide. What about that?  

Another thing that irritates this 21 year old aspiring scientist (a physicist to be precise) is that the term ‘science’ used by astrologers who call astrology an astrological science.  Science is always 100% true hence astrology is not science because it does not give the same results constantly, he justifies. 

Of course, my rational mind wants to believe him.  Why would I risk a reputation of being a mindless unthinking rigid prude unless and until I did actually experience some truth in astrology?

I inform him that I too had similar views when I was of his age.  Those days I used to be heavily amused by the predictions that one family friend had made after looking at my astrological chart.  Today, after so many years, I know they all came shockingly true. So how can I disbelieve like he does.  My son looks at me with a quaint expression, as if saying, “Maa, I would like to agree with you, but then we would both be wrong”  

Well this goes on.  Rather it’s fun and educational to challenge and to be challenged by your own family members. With friends, you can walk off but this is a life-long tussle.  

Moreover, the kind of arguments we have can never be resolved because of the topic of our disagreement and division.  This will reach its culmination only when science can actually and unerringly prove the validity or invalidity of astrology.  When I point this condition to him, my son says, it is already proven.  “What is there to prove in it?”, he says assertively in a raised voice.

In the meanwhile, I agree to disagree. Mostly I try to be the peacemaker by taking my arguments back.  But at the same time I continue my interest in astrology.  This curiosity won’t harm me, I say.  But he says, it will.

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This was in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Agree to Disagree that asks:
“Do you have a good friend or close relative with whom you disagree on a major issue (political, personal, cultural)? What’s the issue, and how do you make the relationship work?”

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