The Plane of Life


Life, helpless and fleeting,
Like a big plane falling
into the rivers of death

TransAsia Airways plane crash.  Pic Source:  SMH news

TransAsia Airways plane crash – Pic Source: SMH news

4th Feb, 2015

Snappish Snapshot

In this era of picture-crazy social media, my son and my husband are rare beings who simply do not like their pictures taken, especially not the purposeless selfies.

Probably they consider it a narcissistic and obsessional act – a time waste meant for women – as they say.  They openly ridicule the whole of feminine race with such comments.  Women have to show-off their clothes, their hairstyles, their smile but what do men have to show?  They ask mockingly. And I do somewhat agree with them.  The superior beings have brain to show and they can’t take their brain out on a platter and take its picture, can they??

So with that kind of magnificent mentality, they rarely if ever oblige me by agreeing to click my pics. Hence, so many of my beautiful dresses have come and gone out of my life without them being picturized.

But if at all they do agree to press the camera button for me, they always misbehave, always act as if it is something unexciting and frivolous…something to be done and gotten over with.   As if I have disturbed these busy creatures.  Very quickly they click only one or two pictures and never more than that.  After which they ask with an attitude,”Is that it?”…as if saying, ”Are you happy now?”.

So folks, it can be anybody’s guess that these hurried pics hardly ever turn out to be good, mostly they are less than perfect.

And that’s the reason why most lives remain imperfect.  People don’t listen to each other.

But recently, ever since I adorned a new dynamic ‘avatar’, and ever since I have become a self-willed, self-centered, rebellious and adamant individual, it’s unbelievable but the whole world has actually started listening to me.  The impact shows in every sphere.

Hence, during such a photo session some time back, so assertive and so confident were the instructions given by me to my son – that this time he ended up snapping not just one or two but innumerable stream of pics of mine and that too very keenly and patiently.

Funny thing is, much as this young lad protests against the clicking of his own pics, this time he too ended up being there in the photos.  Nature’s irony. In all four of them he’s inside the window panes as he can be seen clicking my pics (and simultaneously his own).

Four of me, four of him and there are four window doors.  Overall, I felt a cute symmetrical impact.

So friends!!  That’s the story of this ordinary yet special pic.

A story about this first ever picture collage of mine that got created without any previous intention of making a collage.  It was a result of an enthusiastic photo-session, but that session itself was possible due to the ‘assertive’ me.  Things worked this time because things work when we want them to work.

The guys have understood that fondness for taking pictures is as good as or as bad as any aversion to taking pictures.  But of course there is a limit to both behaviours and excess is bad.

This one was an unimportant photo-session. But in every other aspect of life, only when we ourselves are sure about what we want, that others too will respect our wishes and wants.


Daily prompt:  A Moment in Time
What was the last picture you took? Tell us the story behind it.

P.S.  Some of my posts are all in good humour and not to be taken too seriously.

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DIY – Leaky Showers

  Leaky Showers – Easy Fix

I always thought
were my forte
my neglected skills
I must learn them
rather relearn

last Sunday
home alone
bath-shower got leaky
shower dripping
hot water bursting
all round flooding

long time back
had learnt the skill
of fixing leaky taps
of changing washers
off and on

this DIY skill
now came handy
thankfully I survived
but at the same time
I realised

that fine arts
please our soul
quench our heart
help us connect
to nature
to God
to after-life

but it is
the basic skills
fixing leaky showers
that help us
live, survive
and easily fix
our daily life

you see
things went wrong
I applied
my DIY skill
all was right in the world


The above poem “Leaky Showers” is based on my recent experience, when shower tap burst open. My basic skills in plumbing and carpentry were handy, but one can do better. With our habit of closing the water taps too tightly, and with men of the family on perpetual tours, woman these days have to be know-all

If I Had a Hammer

Easy Fix