Thanks WP, thank you all !!!

A word of thanks to all the wonderfully creative and genuinely kind people here at Word Press!!

followed-blog-100-2xA big ‘Thank You’ to all of you who have ever taken interest in my blog, who have followed me for any future updates, have appreciated the posts and given your advice via valuable comments.
Today, a day after Valentine’s Day, I got this insignia for completing 100 followers:

Thanks to the Word Press staff as they prompt us to write each day. I joined WP a year ago, write three posts but thereafter gave it up. I came back to it only two months ago. Within these two months, such appreciation and bonding from the community has changed my mind.

I wanted to thank each one of you personally as and when you added me to your list. But when I observed that the list is getting longer I decided to write a few words here.

Please feel free to give your suggestions to me about any aspect of my site which is just a baby in this blogosphere. Have a long way to go.

All the best with your versatile and inspirational blogs that continue to be a truly learning experience.  I am amazed at the healing power of some of the posts I read.

Yesterday, Cupid’s Arrow struck many of you. In that prevailing mood, today I took an opportunity to be grateful to you all.


Pic Courtesy: google