Do Not Let Her Go Untouched

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Do Not Let Her Go Untouched

Interspersed and enmeshed within layers of pain
Disguised as fleeting moments of cheer
There exists random transitory happiness

Capture her when she shows her face
Do not let her go unnoticed while she’s there
Follow her through, for she is rare

Leave aside all other ceaseless tasks
Hold her with your two obliged hands
Focus and absorb, feel bliss and bless

Then just as she decides to take leave
Detachedly allow her to slip away
Don’t cry for her, do not come in her way

For you already knew this, didn’t you?
That she never intended to stay forever.
She never did, she never does.

See her off with a smile, save the memories
To keep you afloat through the days of despair
Happy thoughts of her, till she returns again.

Be brave. Have heart. She will. She does.

© 2017 Alka Girdhar

I wrote this poem spontaneously as I realized today is International Day of Happiness. Of course, happiness is not just a flower amidst thorns. For some, life is the other way around too.

Each one of us has our own cross to carry as well as our individual process of learning how to cope with it, by general acceptance of things as they are while still discovering happiness within what seems like mess or chaos, and by focusing on little moments of joy.

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Refract My Colors…

Light dispersion illustration.

Poem:  Refract My Colors


I have been…

pure as White
colorless and blanched

If you

become my prism
refract my inner colours

I will

colour your world
to be your spectrum


Till now I’ve been…

austere as Orange
prim and pristine

If you scatter my being
I will be …

bright as Yellow
passionate as Red
royal as Violet
sincere as Indigo


If you like anyone
more than me, I’ll go…

Green with envy
Red with rage

If you tell me
you love me, I’ll be…

calm as Blue
warm as Orange

But let me be sometimes…

mysterious as Black
dark and alluring

And sometimes be…

White (again)
lustrous and radiating this time


With all my hues
thus absorbed in you
you’ll be…

powerful as Black
Happy and Complete!!!


You then…

spread my colors around
to brighten some washed-out lives!


© 2015 Alka Girdhar

**** ****


At the time I wrote my above poem ‘Refract My Colors‘, I was going through a bad day. I had got sudden news that an elderly person in my family was going to be operated within an hour. It was a very tense half-day.

What happened then. Well, I prayed for some time. Also, to stop myself from thinking too much about this risky operation, I put on the TV and switched channels.

I was not in a mood for sentimental soap operas or dry news stories about politicians or crime. So I sat there watching Fashion TV.  FTV is one place where, at least for some time, we can indulge in fine sensual experience without any emotions. I stayed there.

During that hour, the designer was promoting his colorful collection in Milan Fashion Week. I took some pictures straightway – yes I clicked at the TV.  Of course the models on the ramp were moving so the blur shows in some pictures. But vivid colors they are – the black and white of the background, along with the dresses, caps and bags depicting the whole spectrum of colors..

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This vivid and cheerful ramp show on Fashion TV colored my world during my sensitive and anxious phase.

Similar is the influence of a rainbow and the colors in our garden. The clothes that we wear, not only help us in our own moods but also that of others around us.  And after absorbing the moods of these colors, we spread this happiness or unhappiness around.

**** ****

I wrote the above poem in response to the writing prompt:  Roy G. Biv

“Write about anything you’d like, but make sure that all seven colors of the rainbow — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet — make an appearance in the post, either through word or image.”.

Header Pic source:  Spectrum by GrandMaster-J5 deviant
Prism Image source


© 2015 Alka Girdhar

LOVE:  Facts and Facets

Love:  Real or Illusion
(Food for thought haiku for those in love)

love, an oft needed pill
that cures, to cause
greater malady


love, an oft needed balm
that calms the heart,
numbs the mind (brain)

love, an oft desired enigma
that opens few doors
closes many more


love – an obscure game.
the loser wins it all,
after losing it all

love, a lure for beauty
and youth, love fades
as youth and beauty fade

love, not lust, is the truest
love, from soul and heart
not body and mind

love exists not in flowers
jewels, cakes or chocolates
but in truth, loyalty and faith

well…love is so commercial these days
jewels can win her heart

jewellary to win her heart before somebody else does

woo the (material) girl
with a big sparkling solitaire
or else
somebody else will
woo her
a diamond bigger
a bigger cake
a bouquet brighter

Let this Valentine’s Day be for genuine love, not greedy love
Let there be compassion for the fellow human beings…

For the writing prompt: Cupid’s Arrow


I wrote the above set of Haiku poems some time back in the context of romantic love as it was Valentine’s Day.

These poems do not provide a singular definition of what love is all about. But overall, the crux is that love is unselfish. It is not self-centered. It is not based on material things that the other person can provide us.

Love should make you feel happy, even if it demands sacrifice. We all sacrifice our precious time and money for our children. Even the most intelligent mothers, at some point or the other, end up compromising with their career if their child needs them, and yet this sacrifice makes them happy.

Love tries to give, not take. If we love somebody, we should be happy with whatever little we get in return.

The above criteria is for true love, be this your love for a lover, child, parent, pet or neighbor. But true love is a difficult path – easier said than done. That’s because we all love our own self more than we love anyone else. Hence our ‘ego’ becomes a barrier between us and those we claim to love.

I Want to Know What Love Is

♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

© 2015 Alka Girdhar

Pretty Liars…Lie Lie Again


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Sweet Little Lies.”

The Daily Post has asked:  As kids, we’re told, time and again, that lying is wrong. Do you believe that’s always true? In your book, are there any exceptions?

“It is hard to believe that a man is telling the truth when you know that you would lie if you were in his place”
This is what one Henry Louis Mencken said about lying and truth. 

If a person has murdered someone, or has stolen something or done something he or she should not have done, then it would be difficult for that person to be immediately truthful about it. Unless and until it is clear that there is no escape.  

So is it with something as simple as telling your (exact) age. Women as well as men hide their age if they can, and yet not really labelled as liars.

Even before you ask a woman, “How old are you?” , you know very well that the reply won’t come easy.   The replying party will fidget or look downwards and after a hesitant hmmm and ohhh wellll…she will tell that she is around 40 or that she belongs to this and this age group.

Rarely do we come across a woman telling her age directly and confidently, in a straightforward manner without even an inkling of hesitation.  Exceptions are those men and women who look much older than their age. Normally, if some rare woman indeed tells her age openly, she should be considered an honest and truthful person. Shouldn’t she?  But…she is not. That’s because even if she is telling the truth no one will consider it a truth. Because, nobody believes a woman when she tells her age.

So, whether she wavers or she tells her complete truth, either way it will seem as if she is telling a lie. But a lie that most people accept.  Age and height are tentative, always left for others to guess.  Unless and until it is a job interview or a competition based on age as criteria, it doesn’t even matter whether a person is 31 or 33,  45 or 49.

Age is a fake and frivolous criteria.  It is very biased to judge people on age alone.  An older person can be a better worker, an older dancer might be a better dancer –  life of the party.  A younger person with no sensitivity, no skills, education, taste, class or style should not be deemed better than somebody slightly older but fine in every other way.

Hence, there should be no need at all for any human being to lie about something as fickle as age and yet people are compelled to lie.   This is a fake world that glorifies youth and beauty therefore  women often dilly-dally when telling their precise chronological age.  They have a fear that they would be judged by others on the basis of age.  It is this judgmental world that makes them liars.

After reading this article, make sure not to ask any woman her age because she won’t tell the truth. And even if she does, you won’t believe she is telling the truth.   So what’s the point in making someone indulge in sweet lies.