For Love That Lasts…

It matters not that
somebody is your First Love.
Last Love lasts forever.

So much has been said about First Love. Movies and romantic songs, both in Hollywood and my native India over-exaggerate the importance of it.

Love is not first or last. It has to be true. Now, the definition of true is different for everyone.

I said ‘Last love lasts forever’.  Think of it.  If your ‘first love’ didn’t even survive long and if it gave way to many other men/women, then was it actually love or something else? Infatuation? Attraction?

Agree, circumstances also play their role in making one lose their first love. But if you broke off due to personal differences, then chances are he/she wasn’t your true love. Maybe first love, if you insist on saying that. But not true love.

Possibly you did end up marrying your first love. But do you feel like being totally sincere to this person whom you claim to be you true love? If not, and if you habitually look here and there, if you’re constantly charmed by one and all, then it is not love at all as you are still searching. No unique love story this with the one you married. By chance you got to know that person and started living with him/her.

Another possibility is that your first love was indeed your true love and is also your last. You have always been mutually sincere and are still together. In this case too even though it was your first love, isn’t it also your last love?

That is why…in any case, only last love matters. The one who waits for you, the one who never leaves you, the one who is with you now and will continue till your last, that is your last love.

It’s no rocket science
Which is true love which is not
The one that lasts is love

And yet above all as somebody said “Our first and last love is self-love”

© Alka

My above descriptive Haiku poems were written for Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge – 42. The two words provided to us were:  Love & Last.


After attempting Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge with my single haiku as in Life Signals, this time I had raised my hands, given up.

But early morning today, some more Haiku ideas gave their call. I was beaconed to write this second post for the challenge.  Read more Haikus using words: Field & Beacon:

1).  Beaconed by Lord’s call
      Moses cleared his field of vision
      Received Ten Words

The account in Old Testament of how upon receiving a call from God, Moses feared not and went ahead to receive The Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai. The clearing of vision was a physical act as the clouds lifted but it’s also an act of mental vision becoming clearer. My knowledge is not very thorough here so correct me if I’m wrong.

2). Beaconed by His flute
     Radha ran into the field
     Was left mesmerized

Story of eternal love between Radha and Krishna.  Krishna, a cow-herd in a small Indian village was deft in 16 types of arts. Playing flute when idly lying down in the fields was what he did while cows grazed around him. Listening to his flute, the whole village used to be charmed, esp. Radha who would become a lost soul upon listening to Krishna’s flute as theirs was a spiritual union..
Spiritualists opine that Krishna’s flute is symbolic of God’s song/word in general and Radha is nothing but our soul. Soul is forever charmed by God and keeps longing to return to Him.

3). Beaconed by his call
     She ran into the field
     And saw him leaving

Many people have shared their experiences with me.
In olden days, sometimes people in love took too long to take decisions about meeting the object of their love. Say, if she is lured by the call of his beloved, but took so long deciding that finally when she went running to see him, it was too late as he had already mounted the horse and turned his back…
In modern selfie-generation scenario, a girl/boy may just go running hastily without a wise thought. In this case my Haiku will have a different ending.  Something like….’And this was her/his undoing’

4). Beaconed by The Pied Piper
    The rats followed his field
    To drown into the river

Real or legendary tale from the town of Hamelin in Germany. The town was facing a rat infestation, and a brightly-clothed piper appeared. This piper promised to get rid of the rats in return for a payment. the townspeople agreed. The piper played music and lead all the rats away to drown them into a river Weser. Hamelin people forgot their promise. The angry pied-piper took revenge and this time led all the children away.

When I was in High School in India, in our school musical function we performed a ballet based on this poem on pied piper by Robert Browning.

That’s all for this Haiku Challenge. A lot, isn’t it?


© All rights reserved by 2015

Life Signals

This week, Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge has some challenging but, as usual, meaningful words.  The two words given to us were:  Field & Beacon.


Each week, upon seeing the provided words, I get signals of many related thoughts hence multiple Haikus are born. But this time only one signal was the strongest. I captured it and now writing it as a Haiku…


In the field of life
Many a beacon beep
But we pay no heed

In our everyday life as we walk down our path we are often caught unaware, or so we think.

We complain that all too suddenly we had a bad time. In fact, it is we ourselves who land up into such times despite ample warnings, subtle or vivid, that tell us to beware…to watch out.

Look out for signals, listen to your gut feelings, your intuitive mind.
If something seems wrong, it usually is.  If it feels right, go ahead.

If your own inner voice deserts you, then have a few reliable mentors or guides within your seemingly well-wishing friends or family. Gain insight from their simple suggestions.

Now, which friend or relative is your true well-wisher and which one is not, this important decision is again hard to make and this itself can be misleading.  For this, you will again need to have your own beacon working in your ability to recognize people.

Do you agree with my views? Did you have such experiences where you just missed or over-looked the signals that were around you?
Do share so that others can gain your insight without undergoing the actual experience.


signal –  when used as noun as well as verb, imparts dual meaning.


Every week, after the weekly Haiku Challenge is over, Ronovan reviews all submitted poems and selects two Haiku each week – one for humor and the other a serious Haiku.

My above poem ‘Life Signals’ was chosen in the category of serious Haiku: review of Challenge 36


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