Peaceful Sunday

Here’s my second Haiku poem in response to this week’s Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge.
Key words given: Ill & Rest


A restful Sunday
The home coming of peace
All ills leave back door

It’s a slow day about quiet contemplation on life in general. Yesterday it rained the whole day, the slow incessant rain and not the usual thundering come-and-go Sydney rains.  A tinge of autumn gloom descending with winters around the corner.
Easter break.  Easter holidays are always peaceful compared to Christmas break.

On such days, our heart says — ‘Ok!! What’s the hurry, what’s the worry?  Life will take care of itself as it always does. Somebody’s always looking after you. Be sure of that’

Peace descends as such thoughts prevail. Peace soothes the mind as one prays for all, and one wishes and hopes to get rid of all types of ills – physical, mental and emotional if any.

Let all days be like this one…full of appropriate rest and peace all around, with plenty of hope for all round goodness.


And here’s my other poem for this Haiku Challenge: Rewards of Goodwill.


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Rewards of Goodwill


ill will

Have ill will towards none
Rest all will fall into place
You will rise high.

True.  But it’s not as if you just have good intentions and you are sure to rise high. If that was the case then what about all those who are at the top echelons, but have had their share of ill will, one sort or the other.  Not that simple, right?  There are many other permutations and combinations in life.

Factors like the intensity of ambition, motivation, hard work, persistence, patience and luck ( that gives or takes) plus external support –  all these play their role as well.  And yet, if your own account, your conscience is clear then there will be fewer obstacles in your path to success, less things going wrong from your side at least.  Even if others create obstacles, you will be able to face them.

Sounds ok.  Moreover, the reality is that rising high in worldly sense is not even important. There are even greater benefits of goodwill.

With feelings of ill will towards none, you will be guaranteed inner happiness, your soul elevating high as you become a better human being.


That was my haiku poem and thoughts in response to Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge.
Key words given: Ill & Rest

My second Haiku poem using words ill and rest:  Peaceful Sunday

© All rights reserved by 2015